Design Services

Firm Radio provides complete design services for all modern Digital Radio firmware. We specialize in LTE (4G/5G) on both baseband and Remote Radio Head (RRH) algorithms and implementation. Typically our designs are used to target SoC silicon and as such, we can provide a full suite of Power on Self test (POST), Linux device drivers, Wireless applications (including Matlab® in-the-loop) and full validation/verification flows.

Designs target FPGA devices and ARM® System on chip (SoC) silicon.



Have a great idea but are short on manpower?

Need to accelerate your project?

Missing key system/FPGA/Embedded software skills?



A Statement of Work (SoW) starts activities.

We support both time and material and fixed contracts.

Requirements do change, we will work together to align our goals.

Architect & Model

Most designs are modeled prior to implementation.

Typically Matlab® is used for floating and fixed point models.

A design review usually takes place to sign off on these models.


Coding for both the FPGA/ASIC and Embedded Software.

Verilog, VHDL, C coding for multi thread & multi-cores.

Module level designs are fully documented.


Firm Radio use a suite of bus functional models and

automated verification environments to perform thorough verification.

A complete verification test plan and corresponding results is generated.


Firm Radio can leverage a wealth of IP to deliver Quality results quickly.

Changing requirements can be captured and tracked.

Regular updates and progress against plan is available.